In Development

Truly Naked

Director: Muriel D'Ansembourg
Screenplay: Muriel D'Ansembourg

Like most 16-year-olds Alec watches a lot of porn.

But in his case, it’s live and stars his father, Dylan. Since his mother’s death Alec has been helping in his father’s small business, filming and editing online porn from their home studio. This has given Alec, who is still a virgin, an extensive knowledge of hard-core sex.

His father’s decision to move the business from London to a small seaside town gives Alec the chance of a fresh start. At school he meets tomboy Nina who is struggling with the shackles of small-town life. Drawn to Alec she nominates herself as his partner on a school project. Although he is intrigued by Nina, Alec is intimidated by the type of closeness she invites. Her feminist worldview is a long way from the objectification and dominating masculinity he has gotten used to through the work with his father.

At first Alec maintains a certain distance from Nina, justifying it to himself by needing to keep his fathers business (and his own underage involvement) a secret from her. But as Alec spends more time with Nina and they become close, Alec is confronted by his insecurity and ignorance regarding true intimacy.

When the truth about the working relationship with his father comes to light Nina does not judge Alec the way he feared she would, and Alec begins to realise that the judgment he had anticipated is inside himself. No longer comfortable about producing porn, the situation is complicated by the business going into free-fall and his father’s increasing reliance on him. And despite his father’s faults and complete lack of boundaries, his free spirited wit and charm make him hard not to like and even harder to turn down, especially when he’s the only parent Alec has left.

Caught between loyalty to his father and to Nina, Alec finds himself at a crossroads. Desiring a sexual connection with Nina that feels honest and true, Alec finally turns his back on the porn business, shaking off the influence of his co-dependent father. It’s only then that Alec gets to fully experience a truthful connection with Nina, discovering a sensuality he didn’t know he could ever reach.


Director: Constantin Hatz
Screenplay: Constantin Hatz
Delegate Producer: Kinescope Film, Isabella Films